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Subscription Plans

For recruiters, managers and owners, NLI currently offer 30, 90 and 365 day subscription plans giving various levels of access to TV Episodes - and to our resource Library.  Subscribers can watch anytime and anywhere, and the information covered in these sessions will hit you from all angles to elevate your game.  

NLI TV Episodes include the Trainers Channel and the Big Billers Channel.  Trainers Channel provides all kinds of best practices from top trainers in the industry and utilizes facilitation guides for your own training meetings to provide new and revived content for your team.  We also offer the Big Billers Channel – those billers are multi-million USD producers, many with individual revenues worth of USD 1 million each year.  These Big Billers inspire your team by talking their personal "Stairway to Heaven" about how they got started in the business, how they branded themselves, how they stayed motivated, and how they managed their daily performance metrics.   

NLI Library expands on each piece of the placement process, with numerous scripts, forms, articles, voicemail scripts, email templates, recorded calls, and video clips to review.  It is the perfect online portal for recruiting professionals, no matter what your tenure, niche, or nationality.

Here are our Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Subsciption Plans.  

Enhanced - Unlimited access to NLI Library and all NLI TV Episodes (both archived and two new releases each month).

Standard - Unlimited access to the NLI TV Episodes (both archived and two new releases each month).  This subscription does NOT allow access to Library.

Basic - Unlimited access to the CURRENT month's featured NLI TV Episodes only.  Each month, the featured videos will be periodically updated and you will have immediate access to the latest videos.  Prior videos and the entire TV Episodes is NOT available with this plan.

Free - This free plan includes preselected TV episode "That's a Great Question" ,  topic " Reference Check" in Library,  and  a demo course "Search Industry and Search Process Overview" - first part of our most popular Integrated Recruiting Training Course.  This free plan is offerred only  once for each account.


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