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While Next Level Institute designs and delivers a wide range of public workshops forž recruiters, their owners and in house recruitment professionls,  we also provide customised workshops tailored to the specific training needs of individual clients.  

All workshops are delivered by our highly experienced team at either the clients' premises or at our own in-house training center.  All our workshops are supported by interactive mixed media delivery options built into our online learning platform.  Learners can reflect and review what they have learnt at anytime and any place.    

Please contact us for a discussion about our capabilities to meet your specific requirements.

The popular topics of our workshops include but not limited to the follows:

{slider Power Principles: Redefining the Client Partnership - Advanced / Intermediate Levels of Staffing and Recruitment}

This session is about your ability to develop and maintain trusted, profitable, and balanced relationships, even during challenging economies.  It is about your ability to execute skills and techniques and approaches to differentiate yourself from your competitors.  Why is this important?  If you fail to differentiate with your approach --- you will always be forced to differentiate by your price.

This session will provide you with recruiting principles and specific skill sets to:

  • -    Market for new clients in a way that immediately differentiates us from our competitors.
  • -    Better understand your clients and candidates' thought process and align your value propositions at every step.
  • -    Build real value and trust in an industry that tends to see us as “vendors” or a “necessary evil”.
  • -   Elevate our level of relationship to secure more financially committed / engaged work  and more commitment from clients and candidates.{slider Negotiating Client Tactics and Demands - Business Development for all Levels of Staffing and Recruitment}

This session is about your ability to create your own future circumstances with clients and prospects through a better negotiation process by first preventing, then recognizing and responding to clients' tactics and demands.  You can never concede your way to a healthy client or candidate partnership.  This session will provide you with the negotiating ability to:

  • -    Understand the connection between relationship and negotiation.
  • -    Recognize, prevent and respond to the top 20 client tactics.
  • -    Counter the top 10 demands of both clients and candidates.
  • -    Leverage the framework for negotiation to arrive at a win / win.
  • -   Apply the principle: you cannot concede your way into a collaborative relationship.  As a search firm owner, it is important to speed up your new hires and develop your tenured recruiters to the next level.  As an example, broken down into 20-minute topics, the completely cohesive Integrated Recruiting Training Course is any manager's solution to quickly ramp up new hires or revamp seasoned producers and to cover each step of the Placement Process in easy to process bites, complete with quizzes at each step.  Please feel free to browse our Subscription PlansCourses and Facilitated Courses.{slider Performance Management! - Owners and Billing Managers}

This session is designed to help producers, team leaders and billing managers increase their effectiveness as managers and leaders.   It will also contrast the traits of a big biller versus those of an effective manager, how proficiency in one does not constitute success in the other and how the lack of that realization can quickly create an environment of frustration, low productivity, and costly turnover.

In this interactive workshop, we will provide you with the real skills to answer the following questions:

  • -    What areas do I need to improve to become a more effective manager?
  • -    What is my most effective management style?
  • -    What metrics do I track daily, weekly, monthly and annually?
  • -    How do I better utilize metrics information to coach my people?
  • -    Why don’t my sales people do what I tell them to do?

{slider Elevator for Team Leaders - Team Leaders and Front Line Managers}It can be a big challenge for those new to managing team while  they still have to bill as well. This interactive program introduce the skills and the practices needed when an individual contributor becomes a team leader or a manager.  It includes 

  • -   Improve your self-awarness and understand your role as a team leader
  • -   Manage your skill - communication, motivation, delegation, coaching
  • -   Manager your transition
  • -   Managing your team {slider Great Communication = Great Compensation - Intermediate to Advanced Recruiters}

Great Dialogue in our business is the cornerstone of our craft.   And great dialogue has four distinct elements; Probing, Listening, Responding, and Seeking Agreement.   These four elements are like the chambers of the heart, each section or chamber is a unique and the critical part of the communication process with both clients and candidates.

This interactive workshop session will dissect each of these four cornerstones of conversation to better understand what is really behind the heart of great dialogue.   These four skills come together when managing certain types of potential client and candidate "red flags".   This session will provide you with the tactical skills to be better at:

  • -    Managing Resistance: (Client and Candidate Red Flags) 
  • -    Listening (For what is being said and what is not being said)
  • -    Acknowledging: (Indicates your attentiveness / seek to understand)
  • -    Clarifying: (The power of asking great clarifying questions)  
  • -    Expanding: (Suggest alternatives with strong rationales)
  • -    Seek Agreement: (Common ground ) {slider Stairway to Heaven - All Levels of Staffing and Recruitment}

This inspirational session describes three typical life stages of recruiters – scientific phase, transition phase and artistic phase.  This session will provide you with the right mentality to be better at:

  • -    Willing to do the dirty / hard work during the scientific phase.
  • -    Willing to plan and measure your activities for your own efficiency.
  • -    Understanding the importance that we have to monitor how the market turns and make sure we always have our cheese.
  • -    Preparing to go back to scientific phase when it is necessary.
  • -    Keeping your spirits high during the hard time.{slider Self-Awareness - All Levels of Staffing at all Functions}

As a recruiter, we are dealing with people all the time.  It is essential for our success if we could read people better and know how to communicate and behave with people effectively.  In this session, participants will use our free true color assessment tool to run a self-assessment.  They will have an understanding of the application of true color behavioral theory and behavioral styles with the candidates, clients and colleagues.    

This session will provide you with a better understanding at:

  • -    Each color’s life goals, needs, values, abilities, behaviors and areas they need to overcome.
  • -    Your own strengths and limitations, develop strategies to meet diverse needs.
  • -    Need to appreciate and tolerate the different behaviors of human beings.
  • -    Improving effectiveness in a range of activities such as Negotiation and Selling Skills, Communication, Employee Selection, Team Effectiveness, the list goes on.  {/sliders}