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Applying Today's Technologies to Find A+ Candidates - Mark E. Berger

 About This Segment

On an incredibly tough search, have you ever scoured your network list, solicited referrals from every candidate you’ve ever placed, and still had no success? Chances are your competition is utilizing more tools than you were – so make sure your toolbox has all the tools available! In this session, Mark shows how to use technology to win. Mark has been in the placement and staffing arena since 1979 and specializes in internet recruiting, applicant tracking systems, and recruiting vendor management. Although still working a desk, his strength in IT has shifted the focus of his business to consulting services, columnist, and author. He is a frequent columnist for the Fordyce Letter, author of Power Searching for Resumes on Google, MSN For Recruiters, and Applicant Tracking Systems – Identification, Evaluation, and Selection. Simply put, Mark Berger IS our industry’s IT guru! In this presentation, Mark shares his best tips to using Technology to Find A+ Candidates. He’ll give overview of technologies, tools and websites to use - as well as some tactical and proven methods to find the best candidates in your market.