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Radical Reference Checking - Jeff Skrentny, CERS

 About This Segment

Why, for most recruiters, does reference checking seem to be an afterthought of the search process? Most still put off a reference check until the very end of their deal making process. They see it as a tedious and time consuming last step; when actually, reference checking should be the first thing they do. Not only does Jeff have references checked for nearly every candidate submittal he makes; BUT it has now become his most successful prospecting technique, one that has lead to over 53% of his billing dollars since January of 2002; it all but eliminates the voicemail/caller ID problem recruiters must endure; it has lead to the referrals of more than 39% of the candidates he has placed since 2002; and he estimates that it has reduced the amount of time his team spends checking references by about 70%. Interested in knowing more? Let’s join Jeff to learn how.