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TV Episodes Program Guide

Enhanced and Standard Plans members gain unlimited access to all archived and newly released TV Episodes. 

NLI TV Episodes include the Trainers Channel and the Big Billers Channel.   Our Trainers Channel provides all kinds of best practices from  top trainers in the industry and utilises Facilitation Guides for morning training meetings to provide new and revived content for your team. With a Guide for each week of the month, this serves as an immediate recruiter training curriculum for any office.  In addition to the Trainers Channel,  we also offer the Big Billers Channel –  those billers are multi-million USD producers, many with individual revenues worth of 1 million USD each year.  These Big Billers inspire your team by talking about their own personal "Stairway to Heaven":  how they got started in the business, how they branded themselves, how they stay motivated, and their daily performance metrics.   Subscribers can watch anytime and anywhere, and the information covered in these sessions will hit you from all angles to elevate your game.  

NLI TV Episodes are ideal for a weekly meeting series, and Facilitation Guides and supplemental materials are provided for each session.  

Trainers Channel

Jon Bartos

The Five Steps to Effective Candidate Qualifying and Closing

In this presentation, Jon discusses the recipe for establishing a synergistic process to candidate closing including qualifying, setting expectations, re-qualifying, pre-closing and closing.

Tony Dickel

Coaching For Recruiters

In Tony’s presentation, he discusses the keys to coaching recruiters to their Next Level of achievement, including:

The distinct relationship required of coaching

Greg Doersching

An Insiders Point of View: Feedback from HR Professionals

In this presentation, entitled “An Insider’s Point of View: Feedback from HR Professionals”, Greg shares exclusive insights from a unique dinner invitation – as a guest to...

Jeff Kaye

Market Mastery

This presentation, “Market Mastery”, is Jeff's most requested topic, and is the one of the founding pillars of Kaye/Bassman's success. For over two decades, Jeff has been writing and...

Doug Beabout

Recruiting Edges

Candidates sought by our clients are in a unique pool of people; this challenges the “tried and true” practices of recruiting. This program clearly paints the proven and innovative...

Rob Mosley

The Spectrum of Search Solutions

In this presentation,“The Spectrum of Search Solutions”, Rob gives an overview of developing your value proposition, presenting your recruiting and search solutions, and the...

Jon Bartos

Tactical Recruiter to Trusted Advisor

In this presentation entitled, “Tactical Recruiter to Trusted Advisor”, Jon talks about the pinnacle of the recruiting profession, which is to become a trusted advisor by earning the...

Scott Love

Tips for Telephone Mastery

In Scott’s presentation, entitled Tips for Telephone Mastery, you’ll learn how specific verbiage and overall psychology can impact your calls. He shares tips, tactics and techniques to...

Margaret Graziano

Breaking Barriers

Recruiting and Search is a people business, and many times the human factor is the most difficult to manage, especially when the deal draws to a close. In this session, Margaret Graziano presents...

Greg Doersching

The Art of Attraction Based Recruiting

In this session, Greg presents “The Art of Attraction Based Recruiting”. In this presentation, he discusses how he attracts a candidate to opportunities, tells compelling client...

Scott Love

Spotting Danger Signs

Spotting the Danger Signs to detect future problems with Clients and Candidates is key to the success of your recruiting business. In this content-rich session from industry expert and trainer...

Rob Mosley

The Heart of the Matter

Rob's presentation is on the cornerstone of our craft; Great Dialogue. Specifically, he addresses the heart of great dialogue as four distinct elements; Probing, Listening, Responding, and...

Bill Boorman

Phoenix Recruiting

In this session Bill discusses:

How to navigate the 4 stages of a recession; The 2 fundamental skill sets to recruiting success; Key questions to ask that lead to closing more...

Greg Doersching

Critical Control Points

In this session, Greg presents his Critical Control Points, which is a set of best practices for the recruiting process. Greg has tracked “problem” calls received over a span of 3...

Neil Lebovits

Hypnosis Prognosis

In this presentation, entitled “Hypnosis Prognosis”, Neil dives into the REAL methods to close the deal, by understanding the psychology of selling and human nature. He’ll cover...

Craig Silverman

Marketing for Results

In Craig’s presentation, “Marketing for Results”, he’ll show you the spectrum of marketing best-practices, ideas and online solutions to build your brand and better market...

Carol Wenom

Candidate Control

In this program, Carol presents ideas and processes to better manage candidates from initial conversation to the “real” closing. She’ll show you how to make candidates work...

Doug Beabout

Researchers: The Essential Option

In this session, Doug will share ideas and best practices for your research team.
Topics include:

How to develop added profits from research staff and creative services

Hank Stringer

Becoming a Talent Force

In his presentation, Hank shares proven ideas of how GREAT recruiters become a talent force for their clients and candidates. Topics include:

How to impact the markets served

Jeff Skrentny, CERS

Radical Reference Checking

Why, for most recruiters, does reference checking seem to be an afterthought of the search process? Most still put off a reference check until the very end of their deal making process. They see it...

Ira Bershad

Think 360 Degrees

In an ever-changing industry such as recruiting and search, new ways to gain a competitive edge are all around us. With technology and new communication tools growing in popularity, one factor is...

Scott Love

Client Development Secrets

In Scott's presentation, entitled “Client Development Secrets”, he'll discuss keys to client business development including, SPIN selling and questions for client prospects, how clients...

Jon Bartos

The Three Business Development Principles

In this presentation, Jon shares “The Three Critical Business Development Principles and the 10 Must Have Scripts that Produce Results!”

Jordan Rayboy

It's What Clients Want

In this presentation you'll learn Jordan's keys to dominating your market and owning your niche. He'll show his unrivalled energy in planning and execution, systems and recyclability, and a real...

Mike Walmsley

How to Win Business Without Cold Calling

This is a live presentation of Mike’s topic entitled, “How to Win Business Without Cold Calling.”

Mike Gionta

Strategies to Get $250K Clients

In this presentation, entitled “Strategies to Get $250K Clients”, Mike shares his thoughts of the mistakes recruiters make to prevent them from acquiring GREAT clients, and the...

Greg Doersching

We Want Our Money Back

In this presentation, Greg shares his insights regarding fee negotiations and solutions to help you build your practice. Topics include the 6 major services clients expect from recruiters, how to...

Mike Walmsley

How to Keep Clients Coming Back After the First Placement

This is a live presentation of Mike’s topic entitled, “How to Keep Clients Coming Back After the First Placement.”

Jon Bartos

The Five Steps to Effective Client Qualifying and Closing

In this presentation, Jon discusses the recipe for establishing a synergistic process to closing including qualifying, setting expectations, re-qualifying, pre-closing and closing.

Donato Diorio

The Spark that Ignites Revenue

In his presentation, Donato discusses how adding a great researcher to your practice can be “The Spark that Ignites Revenue.” He shows you how to find great researchers that will:

Jon Bartos

Creating A Culture of Performance

In this presentation entitled, “Creating a Culture of Performance”, Jon discusses the recipe for establishing a focused, goal-oriented environment for every individual on the team....

Greg Doersching

10 Real Answers to 10 Constant Objections

In this presentation, entitled “10 Real Answers to 10 Constant Objections”, Greg shares his guide for how to manage the common resistance we hear in recruiting. He takes us through the...

Tim Tolan

Business Development

Tim has built one of the top IT recruiting practices in the nation. In this presentation, he discusses business development ideas including: the requirements in developing new business, building an...

Greg Doersching

Pick Me! Pick Me!

In this presentation, entitled “Pick me! Pick me!”, Greg shares his guide for better business development. He takes you through the client decision and thought process, their hot...

Jordan Rayboy

10 Steps to Dominate Your Market

In this presentation, you’ll learn Jordan’s 10 Steps to Dominating your Market and Owning your Niche, including how to become the most well-known recruiter in your market, how to...

Doug Beabout

Selling Search

A new generation of hiring managers demands that we recreate our selling techniques. Learn how to approach clients, win their trust and seize the best search projects. The demand for our services...

Jeff Skrentny, CERS

What Clients Buy Part 1

Often our sales focus is based on how we are doing as it compares to our quota, our goals, or what others tells us we should be accomplishing. This is a session designed to explore sales success...

Mike O’Neil

Electrifying Sales of Your Recruiting Success

In this presentation, Mike gives a recruiting-specific overview of LinkedIn. He’ll show how to develop a professional profile, how to connect with others and use groups, how to use advanced...

Neil Lebovits

Perm Fee Negotiations

In this presentation, Neil discusses how “Perm Fee Negotiations” is a comprehensive methodology more than an isolated closing technique. He’ll cover the how you can never be...

Margaret Graziano

Six Sigma Selling

Sales is the lifeblood of any organization. Now it’s time to take YOUR sales skills to the next level. In this session, Margaret Graziano presents advanced sales concepts entitled...

Scott Love


Bankers do it. Lawyers do it. Even accountants do it. But recruiters don't. The concept of rainmaking is the most effective form of business development, but it has never been taught to our...

Helene Buchanan Dunne

Managing Resistance

One of the first lessons we learn as recruiters (and some say the hardest) is that we hear the word “no” on a daily basis. “No” comes to us in a variety of subtle and...

Rob Mosley

Building Collaborative Client Relationships

This session is about your ability to drive strong long lasting profitable truly collaborative relationships, even during challenge economies. It is about your ability to differentiate yourself...

Rob Mosley

That's a Great Question

In this session entitled, "That's a Great Question", Rob discusses great dialogue. Great dialogue in our business is the cornerstone of our craft. Great dialogue has four distinct...

Jeff Skrentny, CERS

What Clients Buy Part 2

This video is part 2 of Jeff's "What Clients Buy" presentation. Often our sales focus is based on how we are doing as it compares to our quota, our goals, or what others tells us we...

Greg Doersching

PushPull Closing

In this presentation, entitled “Push-Pull Closing”, Greg shares his process that is designed to help you Push candidates towards a decision - and Pull relevant information from your...

Bob Marshall

Your Desk as a Manufacturing Plant

In this presentation, entitled “Your Desk as a Manufacturing Plant”, Bob reveals the similarities of recruiting and a manufacturing plant including the key personnel and their...

Doug Beabout

The Closing Process

Bringing a passive candidate and an organization together is not an event, it is the result of a process. You will master the practices of a value-based closing process when dealing with...

Scott Love

Closing the Deal

In Scott’s presentation, entitled "Closing the Deal", you’ll learn a complete, step-by-step closing process for successful matches between a candidate and client. This...

Craig Silverman

What Makes a Great Job Order or Candidate

What makes a great job order or candidate? Sometimes, looking beyond the resume and job description is key to increase your odds in making a placement can have a huge impact in your practice....

Jordan Rayboy

Power Planning

In this presentation, Jordan focuses on planning, and how to become more aware of how you are spending your time. What’s interesting is the fact that Jordan and his team work completely via...

Mike Gionta

Why Plans Fail

In this presentation, Mike discusses how business plans for your desk based on raw numbers without a clear vision of what that level of production is required - can lead to poor results. Mike shows...

Jeff Kaye

Recruiter ADD

In today’s information environment, knowledge is critical and attention is the currency. Directing our attention in the right places and for the right amount of time is the key to...

Karen Russo

Embracing Change

In this presentation, Karen provides tips to become a key person of influence with your clients and candidates by developing great conversations, asking insightful questions, and creating strategic...

Bob Marshall

Establishing Elegant Rapport Through Elegant Communications

In this presentation, entitled “Establishing Elegant Rapport Through Elegant Communications”, Bob discusses neuro-linguistic programming, or NLP. You’ll discover how using these...

Scott Love

Coping With Disappointment

In Scott’s presentation, entitled “Coping with Disappointment", he’ll discuss the key concepts of performance improvement, how top performers target, visualize, plan and...

Bill Boorman

Building a Desk

In this session, entitled “Building a Desk”, Bill discusses the art of the conversation, which leads to compensation, suggestions in handling objections, and key questions to ask which...

Jon Bartos

Goal Setting

To achieve consistent personal production, Jon has made goal setting the roadmap to success. In his presentation, he’ll share what works and what doesn’t work. You’ll learn how...

Kent Burns

What's Your Why

At the very pinnacle of Kent’s decision to change careers, he asked himself this one simple question: What’s Your Why? And as elementary as it may seem, it was this question that...

Jon Bartos

Creating A Culture of Performance

In this presentation entitled, “Creating a Culture of Performance”, Jon discusses the recipe for establishing a focused, goal-oriented environment for every individual on the team....

Mike O'Neil

LinkedIn Network Building

In this presentation, Mike gives a recruiting-specific overview of LinkedIn. He’ll show proven methodologies for advanced search techniques, connecting with others, and how to build an...

Mark Berger

Online Techniques for Building Clientele

In this presentation, Mark shares his best tips for using Technology and online techniques for building clientele. He’ll give an overview of how to capture marketing leads, how to research an...

Mark E. Berger

Applying Today's Technologies to Find A+ Candidates

On an incredibly tough search, have you ever scoured your network list, solicited referrals from every candidate you’ve ever placed, and still had no success? Chances are your competition is...

Mike O'Neil

LinkedIn for Recruiters

In this session, Mike will help you and your company be successful with LinkedIn. Topics include:
Overview of social networks and social media
How to setup your LinkedIn profile

Mark Berger

BONUS! Recruiting Technology Secrets

In this presentation, Mark discusses Cyber-Marketing Secrets on Part 1, Power Searching for Resumes on Google on Part 2 and LinkedIn for Recruiter on Part 3

Mike ONeil

LinkedIn Training

In this session, Mike will help you and your company be successful with LinkedIn.
Topics include:
- Overview of social networks and social media
- How to setup your...

Shally Steckerl

Social Media and Recruiting

In Shally’s presentation entitled, “Social Media and Recruiting”, he shares an overview of social media including the four primary goals to social media in building your personal...