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Click the Log in button on the right side of the home page of the Next Level Institute Website.  A black box will pop up in the center of the screen.  Below the Log in button, click either:

Forgot your password?  A message will appear prompting you to enter the email address for your account.  A verification token will be sent to you. Once you have received the token, you will be able to choose a new password for your account.

Forgot your username?  A message will appear prompting you to enter the e-mail address associated with your User account.  Your username will be e-mailed to the e-mail address on file. 

Please send an email to with your revised credit card information (including new address, new card number, and/or new expiration date) OR fill out the this credit card authorization form  and email it to

The answer is, YES!  Log into the account you want to change.  Hover over the Membership dropdown and select My Account Details.  Three icons will pop up on your screen: My Account Information, Billing Information and Billing History.  Select My Account Information and fix the account information you wish to change.  Make sure to hit the Save button to change your details.  Don’t forget to write down your new login information so you don’t forget your updated change!  


Videos not loading:  If you experience issues with the videos not loading, the first step would be to restart your computer and browser, then login again. If video loading problems continue to persist, try accessing our site from another computer device on a different network, such as your home connection or another office.  If videos play on the second system, then the issue is with first computer.  Since the problem is identified to be with the first computer, seek technical support directly from your IT support staff directly.  

See our self-help technical support page for more information. For further assistance, contact us at or call +852 3420 2222. 

Videos loading slow: To view video content with best results on our website, you will need to have a minimum Internet connection of 768kbs Cable, DSL or Fiber.  Other situations can cause video problems such as, too many people sharing your Internet connection, your office technology provider or IT department blocking access, having too many programs open at the same time, or an intermittent Internet connection issue.  Please close all programs and resources using your Internet connection for optimum results.  Again, restarting your computer is the first step in troubleshooting Internet connection issues.

See our self-help technical support page for more information. For further assistance, contact us at or call +852 3420 2222.

Unfortunately, since the Internet in China is a state-run and government controlled service, we cannot control or ensure that our site is allowed to be accessible in China.  To see if our site is available in Chinese locations, test with this  The next step would be to re-start your browser, and test with Internet Explorer, Safari, or Firefox browsers.

Send an email to and schedule a 15 minute tour of the Next Level Institute OR on the top toolbar, hover over HOME.  This will give a dropdown menu; click on Website Video Tour and view this 15 minute site tour.

Facilitation Guides are available for every NLI TV episode.  To view the Facilitation Guide PDF, click on the Supplemental Materials link immediately beneath the viewing window for the specific NLI TV Episode. 

To review the run times and content of each of the twenty (20) Integrated Recruiting Training Modules, hover over INTEGRATED RECRUITING TRAINING COURSE on the top toolbar.   Modules can be watched in sequential order, or in whatever order best suits the role of the new associate.  For assistance in further customization of your new hire on-boarding process, please email to